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Alison Childers

Developer and Educator

mom and son

About Me:

Welcome! I'm a web/software developer and former teacher. I am a lifelong learner who excels at communication and collaboration, and I'd love to talk about joining your team!

See below for my Education and Work Experience

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Work Experience

Freelance Web & Software Developer

January 2022 - Present

Worked on a variety of Web Development, Google Apps Script, and Airtable solutions.

List of Accomplishments:

  • Collected user stories from clients.
  • Pioneered an EdTech app GroupCheck using Google Apps Script that will help 20,000 teachers
  • Created tutorials for GroupCheck app to demonstrate setup to users.
  • Created automated workflow solutions in Airtable to collect contact information and track status.
  • Collected feedback from users and used it to improve application.
  • Designed the UI of a consulting business website using Figma.
  • Developed a mobile-responsive front-end for 3 websites in VS Code using HTML/CSS/JS.
  • Designed and developed personal website and 5+ projects using React, JavaScript, and HTML/CSS/Bootstrap.
  • Enhanced efficiency and accessibility of personal website by performing audits with W3C and Lighthouse.

Mathematics Teacher

Carmi-White County High School

August 2013 - Present

Taught a cohort of 100-120 high school students at various levels of Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Pre-Calculus topics. Collaborated with the rest of my department to ensure continuity across grade levels and courses.

List of Accomplishments:

  • Restructured activities for engagement and automation using Google Apps Script and Desmos Script.
  • Automated (Google Sheets) manual report generation for state testing results for over 200 students and families.
  • Mentored over 200 students through color guard and math team programs.
  • Trained 150+ staff in adoption of various EdTech platforms and how to enhance their classroom use.
  • Collaborated with a 3 person math department to restructure and improve student outcomes by 50% over 3 years.
  • Managed multiple projects simultaneously throughout the day, including short and long-term plans for four different types of classes.

Summer Tech and Math Instructor

TRIO Upward Bound

Summer 2018

Instructed around 40 students at a summer program aimed at students whose goal was to get into college.

List of Accomplishments:

  • Taught students to innovate with various programming concepts using:
    • Basic HTML websites
    • SPHERO Robot Programming (similar to Java)
    • Basic Spreadsheets and commands
    • Simple iPad games using Hopscotch
  • Created individualized plans for students to complete in Khan Academy based on their need for enrichment opportunities or remediation.
  • Created an end of summer highlight video using pictures, video, and music using the Microsoft Movie Maker program that showed all of the activities the summer TRIO program completed.

Dream Team Math Curriculum Writer


June 2014 - July 2017

Created all digital content for a math unit each summer for the LearnZillion website.

List of accomplishments:

  • Created curriculum lessons that included slides, screencast videos, self-created digital art (Autodesk Sketchbook), and self-grading practice and assessment problems. Lessons were available for thousands of teachers to access online, mostly for free, all over the world.
  • Collaborated in a team environment during the yearly conference to generate ideas, troubleshoot, and streamline processes. Collaboration continued throughout the summer, especially with our team leaders.
  • Assisted other dream team creators in creating their own art and editing or enhancing their lessons.