Custom Web Design, Spreadsheet Automations, and Database Solutions to Fit Your Needs


My name is Alison Childers, and my goal is to find a solution for your personal or business pain-points.

Does any of this sound like you?

  1. "I have repetitive tasks I wish were automated."
  2. "I need to collect data and easily share it with my team and use it in my workflow."
  3. "I need an informational website for my small business/organization."

If any of this sounds like you, I may be able to help!

What can I do for you?

At Alison's Custom Code Solutions, I offer:

  1. Free initial one-on-one consultation for all clients! Let's figure out how I can help you!
  2. Custom-coded Google Sheets, which can include formulas and/or automated JavaScript coding. For example, I could help you collect data with forms, and then create a nicely-formatted Google Doc with the data you collect!
  3. Airtable Database solutions. I can take your data and help you automate data collection and business workflow. This can include forms, calendars, status tracking, email/Slack communications, and so much more!
  4. Web Design/Development. I can create a detailed mock-up of your website, offer advice on where to host your website, and help you make it a reality!
  5. Don't see what you're looking for? Contact me and we'll see if I can help! It's free!

Examples of Services

In this example spreadsheet, you can take your data and generate an invoice based on services provided to the customer. You'll type in the info to a spreadsheet and a nice, printable copy will auto-generate. Great for small businesses and side-gigs! If you'd like to purchase this template for $20, simply fill out the contact form at the top of this page and you'll receive the Google Sheet, Google Doc, and two short tutorial videos to walk you through setup.

In this example database solution, I created a database tracking system for a client who needed to track her Facebook Giveaway campaign! Airtable is a database system but can do SO MUCH MORE! There are many great workflow solutions, automations, and you can customize it to do practically anything! Let's chat about what I can build and simplify for you on Airtable!

  • In the first tab, titled "Participant Names," the client is able to check a couple of actions the participant took and see an overview of how many entries the participant has in the giveaway. Names have been replaced for privacy.
  • In the second tab, titled "Page Invites," the client is able to see invites grouped by who invited them. She can then go back and checkmark when people join the page, which will automatically update the contest entries total on the main tab.

For your web design needs, I can create a detailed mock-up before I ever begin coding to save us both time (and you money!). We'll get it just right, and then I'll code it up!

Here's an example Figma design for a client's website. Click the links, they actually work!

Visit the GroupCheck✓ App and my client's actual website Ace Voice Recordings by Rachel pages to see more examples of my web design. Each business need is unique, so your website needs to be too!

A screenshot of the GroupCheck website A screenshot of the Ace Voice Recordings website