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Alison Childers


Screenshot of Disney Planner App
Disney Daily Planner App (In progress)

An app built using React & Firebase that allows users to select which attractions they'd like to visit, and plan their Disney Vacation. Uses a themepark API that has live wait times so users can make an informed decision. The project is still being built out, but you can check out my progress so far!

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Screenshot of Ace Voice Recordings Website
Ace Voice Recordings Website (Freelance Project)

A landing page for a freelance client. I designed in Figma until we locked in design and then built the project in HTML/CSS/JS and launched via Netlify.

Figma Design Live Site
A screenshot of the groupcheck website.
GroupCheck App for Teachers

(Update: as of 9/30/22 there are over 500 copies made of my app!) In this Google Sheets app I created something for real teacher-users to track groupwork. It's built with Google Apps Script (JavaScript), and allows teachers to sort students into random groups of 2, 3, or 4. Then teachers can track them throughout the lesson and add comments, and then all of this pushes into a separate spreadsheet to summarize student/class data over time. I also built a landing page with HTML/CSS/BootStrap and created video tutorials on YouTube so teachers could get set up.

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a screenshot of the Neopets Care Station
Neopets Care Station

In this game I used jQuery and JavaScript objects to simulate a Neopets/Tomagotchi virtual pet. Happiness and hunger slowly change on a timer, and your pet can give you hints what to do next. Feed, heal, and play with your pets to keep them happy. See how long you can keep them happy without running out of supplies!

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a screenshot of the custom solutions webpage
Website Landing Page

I built this landing page in HTML/CSS/Bootstrap to help hiring managers find my information easily and to inform clients about the services I offer through Web Design, Google Sheets, and Airtable.

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a screenshot of the movie app
Movie Search Database

In this app created in React, I created a searchable movie database using The Movie Database (TMDB) API. Users can type in the search bar for their favorite movies and see search result cards with the movie poster and a preview of the description. I'm currently working on getting the movie page up so you can click the links to see info about each movie.

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a screenshot of the thank you app
Thank You Note App

In this entirely unique project (not for a class or from a tutorial), I designed an app using React where the user enters their first name and last initial, and the app will output a personalized thank you letter. I'm using it for anyone who's helping me on my job search journey. The notes are all stored in a JSON file. If you'd like to see the functionality, type "guest" all lowercase into the input box and hit "Submit". Enjoy!

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a screenshot of the star wars generator
Star Wars Random Generator

In this project, I used a Star Wars API and a random number generator in JavaScript to randomly load different Star Wars characters and give you information about them

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